Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Once you have decided of creating your blog next step should probably be choosing the good topic for your blog. Some people are starting the blogs just for the sake of blogging but they never give more stress on getting good content to their blogs or getting some traffic which can be said as useless blogging and some of you guys may be doing the same thing.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Most of you must have seen an advertisement on your TV about the abhishek aaram classes . Many people asked me about this website and what does this website provide to users? . This is actually a simple site which provides great tips on how to become lazy and also asks people about their lazy tips.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


In this technical age all the people like to bring latest technical gadgets such as high defination lcd tvs, Laptops with top performing processors like core 2 duo and even quad cores. Since laptops have small screens and some people like to watch movies which are stored onto their laptops on big screens.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Since world wide web is very large and there are many oppurtunities to make money from this online web. So you may be thinking this is another person to fool you by making you to join in some of online money making scams. But no its not what you are thinking about me. I am not gonna tell you to buy or sell something from me or to me but only want to share with all my blogger friends another money making oppurtunity. There are many sites out in this wide blogosphere and some of them are only related to images and pictures. But most of my blogger friends always tell me that they are getting very less money from image based blogs. Also there

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Toyota india launched new model of their SUV toyota prado diesel which is the diesel version of new toyota prado. New diesel toyota's power and suspension makes it the perfect suit for off roads in india.

Engine of Prado is 3.0 litre D-4D turbo common rail diesel engine with five-speed automatic transmission. The powerful engine of toyota prado creates 171 bhp at 3,400 rpm and peak torque of 410 Nm.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Tata motors recently launched its new model of tata sumo grande named as Tata Sumo Grande-II. The new sumo grande is upgraded version of the old sumo grande with some added features and also change in exteriors and interiors. Its more comfortable ,stylish and powerful. The exteriors have been designed with a new chrome lined grill . The interiors have been modified to give the vehicle a completely new, look with a two-tone colors with fabric material on dashboard.


So all of you have heard about the all new real time application from google. Thats google wave and most of you may be eager to join this application and must have applied also. But right now google wave is under limited beta preview and only allows few people to join this service.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


After long time finally i have switched to new blogger theme which was created by one of site http://theblogtemplates.com. The main reason behind changing the look of my site is first of all i have seen that i was really not getting any comments on my previous theme.
Also the theme was having many more coloums than what i actually needed . The template was very large in size and taking long time which made my visitors to leave my site without reading my posts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Everyone is searching for new and new ways to make money online. Some becomes successful in this online money making world while others don't even able to earn even a single penny. Few people make money online while others just go on wasting their time in this online money making journey.

Take my example itself till 2008 november i was also not able to make even single penny from any of the internet sites but after putting lots of dedication and hard work finally i started earning some real money online.

There are different kinds of the sites which allows you to make money and many more are coming day by day and i have seen most of the new coming sites are spam they just come to take your contact details and disappears quickly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The volkswagen AG will bring its fastest and most expensive car the the bugatti will come to india during the mid of 2010. The car which is the dream of fast drivers and also younster's. You will see the car running on highways and most of rich indian cities during mid of 2010. The car had already made records of speed in foreign markets and now the same giant speed machine is coming to set indian roads.



The car is not for the middle class people its the drive of rich & king sized families since the price of the car is much greater than big bunglow. The new buggati veyron will be priced at around 5 crores to 13 crores which is much higher than some of luxury cars like mercedes and BMW the car is completely aerodynamic in shape and also the bugatti veyron can run at top speed of 400+ km/hr which is unbelievable speed.

The bugatti veyron will be suitable for the most of the racing tracks where the speed does matters. It will be able to compete with many racing cars in india and i think right now this is the only fastest car which can go on more than 400+ speed.

So wait till the mid of the 2010 and see the speed machine to run on indian roads. Your comments are most welcomes if you have any more ideas about this car please share it below in comment box.


Its always better to increase your feed readers so tat you will always get loyal and repeated visitors to your blogs. But i have seen very few bloggers who are giving more stress on getting more subscribers to their blogs. Most of the professional bloggers always try to increase their feed readership as they got good experience about the profit they can make from more feed subscribers.


There are certain steps and tips you must follow in order to increase your blog readership and can start getting more subscribers to your feeds.

1.Redirect your feeds to feedburner.com: Try to optimize your feeds using feedburner dashboard. As you all know that feedburner is the google product and its always been free so best thing you can do is create an feedburner account and burn your feeds using feedburner.
Now feedburner gives you many options to optimise your feeds and also to distribute your feeds make most use of this features and try to distribute your feeds wherever possible.

2. Submitting your feeds to RSS and feed directories: You should try to submt your RSS feeds to most of the rss directories so that your feeds will be easily captured by them and they will try to bring more and more readers to your feeds. One more use of submitting your feeds to RSS directories can be you can always get a free link back to your site thus increasing your site popularity. Many people tried this method of increasing their rss subscribers and got nice result.

3. Post RSS links to forums: If you are daily poster of any forum and you have good friends list than you can surely add your rss link at the signatures of your forum profile so people who are reading your posts will be also happy to come and subscribe to your blog feeds. This makes sense when you are trying to discuss on some product you have to sell and give your friends link to your RSS feeds.

4. Provide Freebies To Readers: Another best thing can be you can easily get more number of feed readers or subscribers by just providing your readers any freebies like free ebooks and in return telling them to subscribe to your feeds. The ebook which you are providing see that its related to the topic of your blog.

5. Join Blogging Communities: Go on joining more and more blog directories and also add your blog to all the directories. Before getting more readers try to add as much as friends in this blog communities. You should follow or subscribe to all the other blogs which are related to your intrest .The best communities can be BLOGCATALOG.COM, MYBLOGLOG.COM and there are many more.

Follow this simple steps and within some days you will see good boost in your subscriber numbers and you will be able to market your affiliate products easily to this readers


Samsung has announced to launch two new 'Corby' brand in the country. Corby Plus B3410 and Corby Pro B5310. The Corby is simply as the Corby B3410 in the market. The Corby Plus and Pro both boast of side- out QWERTY keypads and seems to be grated at the young audience would like to be constant touch with their friends through various means.

Corby Pro boasted of GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3.2 megapixel camera, 3.5mm audio jack, bluetooth, FM radio, music player and double amount of memory than the original 'Corby'. The market price of Corby Pro is Rs.13,900 (INR). Corby Plus is slightly less price than Pro, it has GPRS, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera, 3.5 mm audio jack, 3G, Music Player, FM radio. The market price of Samsung Pro is 10, 500.
Both the handset has social networking facilities, which is in Corby also.


Honda motorcycles and scooter company launched its all new entry level bike Honda CB Twister. The bike can compete with other bikes in its segment. The looks of the bikes are simple and yet descent. The cb twister is launched with 110cc engine and four speed manual gearbox and will provide better mileage .

The new bike will be available for the purchase in coming feb. and the price of the bike is not decided by the company yet but it should be nearly around 43,000 Rs ex showrooms. The new honda cb twister will be available in different colors.( Pearl Night star Black, Pearl Siena Red, Pearl Amber Yellow, Candy Sonic Green and Pearl Fuji Blue)
The honda cb twister 110cc engine delivers 9bhp at 8000 RPM. The bike is simple with low weight great body looks ,better ,mileage and also economy price.


Feedburner launched its all new socialize service called as socialize now you can get more readers to your feeds with this service. The new service launched by feedburner gives option to directly and automatically post your feeds into your twitter account.

Inorder to activate socialize service in feedburner follow this steps:
1. Log in into your account

2.Select the feeds where you want to activate the socialize service.

3.Now go to publish tab and click on that . You will get the new button by the name socialize on left side.

4.Click on that socialize button and link your twitter account directly using your twitter username and password. Once done you save your work now all else work will be done by feedburner itself.

Whenever you will post new posts in your blogs your feeds will be directly twitted onto your twitter account and you can increase your rss subscriber base.

Anyways always say thanks to google and feedburner for providing such a wonderful services to us that's also completely free of cost.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I have seen many people always asking me about this topic on how to increase traffic to their blogs. But i think its better not to ask others and try it yourself. So there are many steps in increasing blog traffic but i will just give details on few ways to increase your blog traffic.

1. Content: As most of the bloggers already know that they must give maximum stress on the content of the post and also its quality. I don't like people writing big posts of more than 2000 words and finally covering 2 to 3 simple facts.It really makes your visitors bored. No one likes to spend more time in reading they want most of the information without spending more time. So always try to write quality content that will always help your blog visitors. Keep frequency of post between 250-700 words which i find is the best post length.

2.Publishing RSS Feeds: Everyone is now trying to increase their RSS subscribers count and trying to get more and more readers to their feeds and yes its the best thing you can always try to increase your blog readership. Using RSS feeds you are always getting repeated visitors to your blogs and i have seen that most of the successful bloggers are always trying to increase their feeds readership. RSS directories can be the best places to submit your RSS feeds.

3.Submitting Blog To Search Engines : You will say this are the simple things i am writing in my post and everyone knows about this topic.But let me tell you submitting blogs regularly to search engines really increase your blog visitors i have tried this method many a time and got very good success from this methods so always try to submit your blogs to search engines. Search engine does not only mean GOOGLE.COM and YAHOO.COM but you must also try to submit it to others like AOL.COM,ASK.COM,BING.COM etc.etc This other search engines also help you to bring some more boost in your blog traffic. Regularly submit your blogs sitemaps to the webmaster tools eg google.com/webmasters.

4.Social Bookmarking: As per my experience after search engines social bookmarking's are the only best sites which can sometime bring floods of traffic to your blog if you have good writing skills . Most of the people are aware of the digg effect caused of many sites which brings there server down and can really bring lots of traffic within no amount of time. Some of the big webmasters always rely on this bookmarking sites to bring traffic to their blogs and i have tested my 2 sites one by submitting to all social bookmarkings and other without submitting to bookmarks and found that the one which i have submitted to social bookmarking site actually gave 2 times more traffic than the ordinary website. DIGG.COM,STUMBLEUPON.COM,DELICIOUS.COM are the best social bookmarking sites to choose . You must submit best of your blog posts to all this social bookmarking sites which will increase your traffic with some amount of time.

5.Pinging Blogs: Pinging the blogs is the simplest way to increase your blog traffic. Since pinging can notify all your new post to most of the blog directories and the search engines without taking much time. On hosted platforms like wordpress.org this pinging services comes as built in options but for blogger blogs you must manually go and ping your blogs to increase your blog traffic. PINGOMATIC.COM can be the best site to ping your blog and notify the search engines about your blog updates.

6.Social Networking & Twitter Submission: Another nice way to increase your blog visitors can be submit new links of your blogs onto your social networking site's profile page so that most of your joined friends will be notified about your new post .Facebook.com and Orkut.com are the best social networks. Try not to spam your profile page with unwanted links only post those links which are important and will help your friends.

Last one but not the least twitter.com which is looking simple but its really powerful site if you want to increase your blog traffic. The best way to get more followers on twitter can be go on following others which are mostly following people of your interest and in return atleast 50% of them will surely follow you once they will start following then you can submit your links and get more traffic from twitter alone.

Forum postings was also an nice issue to bring the more traffic for blogs but now i have seen that most of the people use forum to sell their affiliate products and yes you can make good money by selling yours also. Article submission can be one more way to increase the traffic but that again depends upon whether you can write quality articles.

So if you are beginner in blogging than you can surely follow the first simple 6 steps and can see boost in your traffic. If you know more ways about increasing visitors than you can simply leave comments below and your comments will surely help other blogging fans.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Bajaj is now come up with its all new bajaj Pulsar 135cc. The bike is similar to other pulsar bikes. The new pulsar bike joined the pulsar gang which includes pulsar150cc,pulsar180cc,pulsar200cc,pulsar220cc and now after their success they launched their 135 cc bike which has intresting new features which makes the pulsar unique and advanced bike.

The 135cc new pulsar is equipped with all new design & also 4 valve DTSI engine. The new design features which are added can be New designed Bikini headlight faring ,LED tail lamps,Clip on handle bar to give it sporty riding style,Split seats like pulsar 200 cc.
The new engine pulsar 135cc comes with all new World's first and only 4 Valve DTS-i bike.
4 Valve DTS-i 135cc engine which delievers whoping 13.5Ps power ,Exhaus TEC
,5 speed gearbox, also it gives better power and fuel efficiency since its new 135 cc engine it will be fuel efficient bike and the expected bikes mileage should be more than that of pulsar 150cc.
Better pick-up at low speeds thus removing the need for constant gear shifts.
4 stroke, air cooled, 4-valve, single cylinder,
Displacement (cc) : 134.66cc
Max. Power (Ps @ RPM) : 13.5 @ 9000 rpm
Max. Torque (Nm @ RPM) : 11.4 @ 7500

The bike is available in both options thats in Kick start and the self start.
Price of the new bike is 51,000 (ex showroom) which is not much as compared to that of other bikes in its segment. So wait some days to see this bikes running on indian roads

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yamaha india is planning to bring its new yamaha R1 bike in indian markets. New yamaha R1 superbike model to come in india during 2010. After successful launches of its other bikes now they are planning to bring this another superbike in india.

The bike will have advanced features in both means of riding experience and performane of the yamaha R1 bike. The new features that will be added in new yamaha R15 can be 998cc engine whopping powerful engine with high torque and power , The engine will be mostly liquid cooled, 16-valve, HOHC, in-line four cylinder engine with crossplane, crankshaft style, MotoGP inspired fly by wire technology used to deliver instant throttle response, break away from the crowd styling the its more serious, instead of the usual four bulb headlight design.
The R1 bike will give competitions to all the other super bikes in its segment. Yamaha must make the bike riders friendly with good balancing capabilities for indian riders also the bike should be well design to make it suitable for the indian roads.

Lets wait and see the new bike from yamaha in 2010.


The most awaiting cars from Volkswagen beetle & volkswagen touareg finally launched in indian showrooms. This cars are now available in volkswagen showrooms in india. The small family car beettle is getting good demand in indian markets many of the beetle units were booked some days before the launch of beetle.

The price of the beetle car is high as compared to other cars in its segments but even then it does not create any problems for beetle lovers. The car comes with different colors and also the beetle comes in different variants which makes it perfect family car.Beetle has powerful performance with 1984cc displacement, 2.0Litre and 4-Cylinder petrol engine and is engaged with its 6-speed automatic transmission. The base model of the volkswagen is priced at 20.45 lacks (ex.showroom) which is actually a price similar to that of honda accord or toyota camry.

On the other side volkswagen also launched its exciting and muscular SUV volkswagen touareg which is gonna hit the off roads in india. The car itself is a giant suv with all kind of comfort features and also main concern is given at the touareg interiors the dashboard and the seats looks awesome with nice finished dashood. This car will give good competition to other suv in its segments like audi q5.New Volkswagen Touareg is priced at Rs. 51.85-lakh(ex-showroom price). So get ready to hit the offroads with new volkswagen touareg.

new post


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


TVS Motor introduced its new two-wheelers in November. Tvs Jive this bike comes under the economy segments of bikes. The bike does not have much powerful engine also bike don't have any much muscular body type even then this bike will be best suited for the crazy riders. The bike has all intresting features.

The tvs jive is designed by keeping middle class families who cant afford high priced bikes also they don't want to go on maximum speeds.

TVS Jive is a 110cc bike that generates 8.1 bhp of peak power at 7,500 rpm and churns a maximum torque of 8.1 Nm at 5,500 rpm. which is good for te economical bike also the mileage of the bike will be good around 60 to 65 km/l.
Tvs jive is the first indian geared bike in 110cc segment which is clutchless bike now you will not have to think about the clutch while shiftng the gears tha's the good part of the bike.

The tvs jive has 4 transmission gear box which comes in both kick start and self start option.the clutchless bike sports alloy wheels, self start and larger wheelbase. The price of the bike is not much more its just 43,000 ex showroom price .
While the TVS Jive, which will be available in colours of blue black and red.
so if you are really waiting to buy economical bike then dont wait and check this new model tvs jive.


Before the launch of words most lovable small car volkswagen beetle which is expected to come in india in december with price tag of more than 20 lacks its more than 160 units are already booked. Many people assumed that because of its high price beetle will not make good market in india but actually it was completely false assumption there's really heavy demand for the car even though the price of the car is very high.

Volkswagen beetle prices are high because its been imported from outside of the country and many custom duties are introduced on this car.


The car has all luxury cars features with comfortable and beautiful interiors also car looks beautiful form the exterior and why not? finally its volkswagens design.

Anyways wait to see the small and beautiful ca running on the indian roads within some days


Due to increase in the input cost all this brand car makers in india will increase prices of their cars upto 3% which will surely hurt small percentage of their sales. Though this companies planned to increase car prices india's most loved company maruti suzuki has not said anything about their price increase .

GM india will hike prices of its all cars including uva spark and all sedan cars like optra and all. Toyota will increase prices of its 3 cars which are toyota innova, corolla altis and the new model which was recently launched some months back toyota fortune by around 1.5 to 2%.

Scorpio, Maruti Swift and Honda Civic may go up by Rs 10,000-20,000 from January 1 next year or so.

Mr. Pawan Goenka head of the automotive division at Mahindra & Mahindra, said “We are facing pressures to increase prices to keep our profit margins in healthy territory,” and Mr. P Balendran, Vice-President of General Motors India (GMI) said that "We will be increasing the prices of our models by 2-3 per cent from January first week to offset rising input costs" and according to the Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) “price hike decision has been taken in view of increasing input costs and unfavourable exchange rate”.

This price will surely put some impact on indian car market.


Yamaha has launched its all new bike yamaha fazer in indian market. This bike is the third yamhas best bike in india after rR15 and fz series. This new bike looks more sporty and cool because of its fearings and new colors with upgraded design and logos.

The front now comes with a color co-ordinated aerodynamic cowl to keep the wind blast at bay while the riding position has been tweaked for long hour, long distance travel and comes with special anti-skid seat skin. Twin 35W headlamps at do the lightening duties upfront to keep the vision clear and also bring it in line with global Yamaha Fazer DNA.

The engine of the bike remains same the fazer is powered by a 153cc engine producing 14PS of max power at 7500rpm and 14Nm of peak torque at 6500rpm. This new Fazer comes with a quarter fairing and it now gets even bigger rear tyre. The rear tyre is now 140-60 with 17″ alloy wheels. Its got 5 speed gearbox and comes electric start as standard.

The new Yamaha Fazer comes in a total of four colors - Electric Blue, Lava Red, Flaming Orange and Midnight Black.

The price of the new fazer is kept around Rs72,000 (ex-showroom delhi) which is slightly higher priced than the fz-16 and fz-16 this bike is well suited for the riders who want comfort and also style. But only the price is higher as compared to other bike’s with same engine capacity.


Yamaha india has announced new colors for its bike R15, Now the yamaha will be available in totally three new different colors which will look better than the older one. Also there may be some changes in the graphics of the yamaha new colors.

R15 will be available in new amazing yellow color here are the pictures of yellow yamaha R15 this was all about the new yellow color yamaha also some more colors are launched like black,blue and red.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The well known international bike company harley davidson made their website live for the indian's on new domain http://harley-davidson.in which gives news and details on the different events which happens in the harley davidson company.
Depending upon their this step we can assume surely that they are gonna make big sales of their harley davidson bikes in india. Many new international companies are coming in india day after day but only the thing they must keep in mind that the price of their models should be kept low so it should be ok for the middle class bike lovers in india.

Also the harley davidson bikes should be remodelled for the indian roads so that it will perform well on the indian roads and also the mileage of the bikes must be greater. So that efficiency must not be the big problems before buying the car.

So wait some more days to see the harley davidson bikes to run on indian roads like any other bikes like royal enfields bullet.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The india's affordable carmaker tata is planning to launch its small segment indica car in the electric version. Due to the increase in the pollution due to petrol vehicles. Tata is trying to bring this car in india during 2011.
They are checking for the demands of electric vehicles.This will bring good change in the indian automobile industry.


Volkswagens small and beautiful car volkswagen is all set to launch in india on 4th december 2009. The car looks very beautiful with nice and unique design. The car will be launched in india on 4th december with mostly 3 different variants. The price of this beetle car will be very high which will be similar to that of the giant sedan cars.

The high price will be due to he custom duties on car. The sales of this car will be really less if the price is not decreased in the future.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After the successful launch of volkswagen jetta and passat and heavy demand for this car volkswegan is now set to launch its powerful SUV volkswagen Touareg. This car will compete with audi's q7 model and also bmw suv's. The car was already launched in other countries and car has large demand.
This touareg will mostly launch in india during mid of december 2009 which was shown in one of their television advertisement.

The Volkswagen Touareg could possess a 3.0 litre V6 TDI engine.With DPF Diesel Particulate Filter which like the catalytic converter converts the harmful gases. This engine can produce a torque of 500Nm at 1,750rpm.
The car has active and passive safety features like ABS, six airbags, brake pad wear indicators and crash optimized pedals. The Touareg got a 5 star rating in terms for its safety features The Touareg also sports features like leather seats, parking assistance, mobile connection as in a bluetooth one or one in which you insert the SIM into the car itself?, automatic climate control cooling, electronically adjustable seats, etc.

The expected price of this suv is around 50 lacks .

Monday, November 23, 2009


BMW Launched its convertible BMW Z4 35I roadster in indian markets. The BMW z4 known for its performance and comfort is now in india. It is equipped with all latest features that a most of the new super cars have. The kidney grill of the front is kept same as that of other BMW cars also the car design is made completely aerodynamic to make it as fast as possible.

The new BMW z4 is redesigned to give it more sportier look. The car looks perfect with metallic finished high end colors. Also the alloys are looking great with new headlamps look.
The interior of the car is designed in such a way to give BMW z4 best comfortable drive as possible. The interior is really fantastic and nice finished. The handbrake is made electronic .Also BMW z4 has automatic gear shift wth 8.8 inch LCD screen and 80 gb storage for your music files. 650 watts powerful audio system with 14 speakers to give you feel of the theater in your own car.

BMW Z4 seats comes with high end head rest sets.This seats comes with optional
colors. Seats are completely comfortable to give maximum comfort as possible with seating capacity of two persons.

Now coming to engine of new BMW Z4 35i 2979cc petrol engine with power of 309ps at 5800rpm to give awesome power as possible with 6 cylinders. It comes with automatic 7 speed transmissions. The maximum speed of this car is 250 km/h which will rock on indian roads.

The price of this new BMW Z4 35i Rs 59,00,000 (ex showroom) which is good as compared to other cars of audi and even mercedes convertibles.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Kawasaki Ninja 250r superbike is finally launched in india. Now the probikers of india can enjoy the speed with this kawasaki's ninja bike. The bike comes with 250 cc engine which deliver's around 33 ps power at 11,000 RPM this is really high then any other indian bike the bike will give competition to all the other bikes which are pricing more than 1 lakhs.
The price of new kawaski ninja 250R is 2,69,000 Rs(delhi showroom)which is quiet high for an 250 cc engine but bike has greater style and also good power even with 250 cc engine.Bike has four-valve per cylinder, liquid cooled parallel twin engine.

The bike looks same as that of other sportsbike but Kawasaki Ninja is well suited for the indian roads and also crowded indian cities where there is not much free space to speed up your bikes .

This bike is well suited for the bikers who are ready to pay more money on speed and also some of the bike lovers who likes to overbore their engines to more than its capacity.

If you are ready to spend 2.5 lacks on bike then you can surely think about this NINJA.


Royal Enfield launched its most awaited bike the 350cc and 500cc bullet classic the bullet brings the old british motorcycle design. The new royal enfield classic is hard and powerful that is loved by most of the persons who likes to have heavy bikes with them. The bike looks really giant and also the sound and design takes you some years back .

The new royal enfield bullet classic is now launched with two options one with 350cc twin spark engine and the other with powerful 500cc engine giving you thunderbird bullets performance. The price of the 350cc royal enfield classic is Rs 98,000 showroom price.

The 500 cc bullet classic comes with fuel injected engine which is used internationally for all bullets. The price of this 500cc classic is Rs 1,24,000 which is quiet more as compared to new karizma zmr bike and also R15 bike.

Design of bullet classic is kept simple like old bikes most of the attention is given to its powerful body not style. Also it come with stylish spring seats and royal enfields standard logo on the tank. Exhaust is somewhat uplifted as compared to its previous bikes.

Its great for long routes and will give comfort to both riders and passenger you can also go on offroads with this heavy bike without much problem to bike. The mileage of the bike will same as that of bullets standard bike.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hero Honda's guranteed bike splendor which is known for its simplicity,low maintainance and powerful mileage has come up with new upagraded version of splendor which comes with excting new colors and body graphics. Hero Honda launched this bike for the festive season .

It comes with black alloys with matching engine colors ,black shock absorbers at front and nice and new graphics with special edition splendor logo which gives it nice and awesome look the bike will surely sell more than expected . The price of this all new splendor is around 41,000 Rs (ex.showrooms)

Hero honda also came with new colors and some graphic tweaks for its hunk muscular bike the bike comes with slight new modifications like red colored shocks and colored mirrors. The price of the all new hunk is 57,000 Rs (ex.showroom)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here are the best collection of all new honda aviator images.


The most awaited car tata manza from tata motors is finally launched with lots of exciting new features in its interiors and exteriors. The car looks somewhat similar to that of tatas indigo car but with latest and completely new modifications and engines. The manza car comes in sedan cars segmented and will attract all the youngsters towards it. The Manza will surely make good indian market.

pictures of new tata manza

The exteriors of the cars looks cool with metallic finish and new had lamps that gives it sparky looks. It also has top antenna giving it looks like the old palio from front . The cars made more and more curvy in nature to make manza look even more sportier than any other cars.

The manza comes with 1.4 litre petrol engine and also with powerful 1.3 litre quadrajet engine which gives it extra power. The price of the car is not much and also there is some difference in the prices between diesel and petrol versions.

Price of the petrol version starts from 4.8 lacks and the diesel price starts around 6 lacks which will really make it an affordable ride.

The tata manza comes with lots of space from inside and 5 persons can sit comfortably without any problems. The car comes with latest technologies like latest music systems with bluetooth connectivity and steering mounted audio controls , also Air bags and color changing techometers.


The old automobile company Premiere is set to launch its all new SUV in indian markets. After long time this company has launched its all new SUV RIO in india. The rio SUV looks good and will come at very affordable price range. Although the cars design is not that good but it is designed in such a way that it will be good on the pockets of middle class families.

Premier RIO has lots of features like large interior space and powerful engine which delivers good output. The interior of the car is kept simple and all the necessary things for drivers safety are maintained in this rio SUV.


It comes with 5 speed manual transmission Diesel engine. Rio has 1489 cc 4 cylinder engine delievering 62 ps power. Rio has 152 Nm torque which will give rio powerful performance .

The size of the car is not big and will easily be parked in market areas without big problems. The cars exteriors are not made too intresting but rio has value for money the car is not equipped with latest features like airbags and all but even than have nice features. The mileage of the car is 16 km/l which is great for SUV's.

The price of the all new premier rio is 5.25 lacks (ex showroom) which is far less than the other SUV's. If you are waiting for an SUV with less price then this will be good choice.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The premium sedan from Chevrolet Company, Chevrolet Cruze is set to launch in India on 12th October. The car will give a tough competition to Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis.

This new Chevrolet Cruze car is meant for the city roads and highways in India. The car comes with 2.0-litre diesel engine producing 150 bhp and also with 1.8-litre petrol engine producing 130 HP. The diesel variant is expected to be more powerful than the petrol one.

Though there are some negative points as well being a car rather than SUV, but still Cruze was not exactly a failure on the paddy test. The overall package came out to be successful.
Chevrolet Cruze will launch with the price tag of Rs. 12 to 14 lakh for both manual and automatic transmission options. The car will be available in blue, red, white, grey and silver colors.


The hyundai company launched new version of its small segment car thats santro xing the best car for small families. The new car comes with new added features and new styling to boost its looks. The refreshed Santro now sports a body coloured radiator grill and full wheel covers. It also comes with sporty rear spoiler adds a great view to the rear of the car however the overall design largely remains the same as the present model.
The interiors of the car are completely changed and upgraded from the comfort view of passengers and also adds good driving comfort. The new car now comes with a dual tone beige-brown fabric and touches of silver at multiple locations in the cabin which work well to give the interiors a bright fresh new look. The front seats have been changed to offer more comfort and style. Other additions to the car include a rear parcel tray as standard fitment to aid in convenience of storing items.
About the engine of new santro xing the new Santro remains the same and the tried and tested 1.1 litre eRLX Epsilon engine that delivers 63PS@5500rpm and churns out 98 Nm@3000rpm of torque continues to offer great performance and exceptional mileage.

New santro comes with dazzling 8 colors Crystal White, Black Diamond, Sleek Silver, Electric Red, Dark Grey, Silky Beige, Berry Red and Sparkle Blue.

The price of new santro are as folows depending upon different varients
Santro Non AC Rs 263,999/-
Santro GL Rs 328,801/-
Santro GLS Rs 348,800/-
Santro GL (LPG) Rs 349,521/-
Santro GLS (LPG)Rs 369,499/-


Mahindra renault launched upgraded version of the logan sedan car the mahindra renault made new upgraded version of the logan and named it as logan play. They have mostly done this changes to logan to gain new customers during this diwali season. Also to increase the sales of logan. The new logan play looks more sportier and also palyful car since many changes are made in new logan it will mostly attract the younger generation car fans.

The different changes can be reflected from the exterior styling of the car and also some of the exterior sporty graphics are added. Logan play is available in two colors 1. black and white
2.sport bold body
the logan play offer a choice of either red or silver alloy wheels. Body coloured parking sensors and outer door handles, a chrome muffler cutter and chrome front grille complete the picture.

The Logan's interiors changed it has black leather seats and black floor mats with red trim on both, a chrome-finished gear knob while the centre fascia and end rack get some carbon fibre finish treatment.

Logan Play is priced at Rs. 5,53,231 for the 1.4 GLX petrol and Rs. 6,85,916 for the DLX diesel

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