Sunday, December 27, 2009


In this technical age all the people like to bring latest technical gadgets such as high defination lcd tvs, Laptops with top performing processors like core 2 duo and even quad cores. Since laptops have small screens and some people like to watch movies which are stored onto their laptops on big screens.

Here are few tips which you can follow to connect your laptop to your high defination LCD tvs.
For connection you probably need three main items VGA output compatible laptop,a LCD tv it can be of any brand and main thing is interface between them that's mostly 15 pin male VGA cable. You can easily connect your laptop to lcd tvs using 15 pin male vga cable. Most of the new coming lcd supports direct vga input.

Simple steps to follow:
1. Check for 15 pin vga ports on both your laptop as well as LCD tv's on lcd tv it may be written as PC in which is similar to that of your desktop cabinet output vga jack on backside which you use to connect with your PC monitors.

2. Once you confirmed about the presence of this ports on both your laptop and lcd tv than you can purchase a 15 pin male vga cable from any computer shopee or online stores. The cost of this cables varies depending upon the length of vga cable and also the resolution it supports . Its always better to ask the dealer about the resolution it supports. (approx 10$  price)

3. After buying this 15 pin vga male cable you are now all set to display your laptop onto the lcd screen. You can connect this cable directly to your TV  VGA input and also other end of the cable to the laptop.

4.Thats all your interface between tv and lcd are now ready now  you can display your laptop screen onto lcd by simply clicking the function button on your laptop( + )the display mode button which is present on the function keys. on my laptop its present onto F3 key so you can try doing this until you get an image onto the lcd tv display.

5.If you will see any errors or any other kind of problems like screen stretching on lcd then you can simply change the resolution of the display directly from your display properties tab.

Check this tips and i am sure you must see an excellent picture on your LCD panel for any more information on troubleshooting leave a comment below and subscribe to comments i will surely help you.

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