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Everyone is searching for new and new ways to make money online. Some becomes successful in this online money making world while others don't even able to earn even a single penny. Few people make money online while others just go on wasting their time in this online money making journey.

Take my example itself till 2008 november i was also not able to make even single penny from any of the internet sites but after putting lots of dedication and hard work finally i started earning some real money online.

There are different kinds of the sites which allows you to make money and many more are coming day by day and i have seen most of the new coming sites are spam they just come to take your contact details and disappears quickly.

I have found out the best and reputed site which allows you to make money by uploading your online documents that can be anything from your ebooks to your presentation files and even your office documents.

Now coming to the main part is it really possible to make money from your digital documents and yes its possible. The name of new site is HTTP:// DOCSTOC.COM  .The is the best and reputed site which have many professional members and also most of the good writers. The best part about this site is its completely free to join and you can even sell your online documents if you are ebook seller.

So how you can make money from this site?
This site has partenership with the world's best online advertising company google adsense . This docstoc site got online options where you can select your adsense account and start desplaying ads in same page where your documents are viewed by people. Docstoc shares 50%-50% revenue shares from google adsense . This means that whenever people views your documents for 100 times than 50 times your ads are shown and 50 times docstoc ads are shown . I like this site since you can simply get many visitors to your single documents.

Steps for Joining DOCSTOC.COM
1. Go to

2. Than sign up using your email id and username  once you will get your account confirmed you can log into your docstoc account and complete your docstoc profile page.

3. After completing your docstoc profile page you can simply go to settings tab and sign up for a new google adsense account if you don,t have one. See that you complete your profile page before signing up for the google adsense account and also try to upload few original documents into your account. Because adsense are now strict with their policies and dont accept empty docstoc profile pages.

4. If  you have google adsense account than you can just insert your email address and the pincode of your adsense account.

5.Once done you will be able to see ads on your account. Now go on uploading as many documents as you can and you will see that your earnings will go on increasing.

6. While uploding any documents see that you always put necessary tags to the documents and also put your documents in particular categories that relates to your content.

You can also share your documents on your social networking sites and also you can embed this documents onto your sites and can easily show your documents to your readers.

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