Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The well known international bike company harley davidson made their website live for the indian's on new domain http://harley-davidson.in which gives news and details on the different events which happens in the harley davidson company.
Depending upon their this step we can assume surely that they are gonna make big sales of their harley davidson bikes in india. Many new international companies are coming in india day after day but only the thing they must keep in mind that the price of their models should be kept low so it should be ok for the middle class bike lovers in india.

Also the harley davidson bikes should be remodelled for the indian roads so that it will perform well on the indian roads and also the mileage of the bikes must be greater. So that efficiency must not be the big problems before buying the car.

So wait some more days to see the harley davidson bikes to run on indian roads like any other bikes like royal enfields bullet.

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