Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Its always better to increase your feed readers so tat you will always get loyal and repeated visitors to your blogs. But i have seen very few bloggers who are giving more stress on getting more subscribers to their blogs. Most of the professional bloggers always try to increase their feed readership as they got good experience about the profit they can make from more feed subscribers.


There are certain steps and tips you must follow in order to increase your blog readership and can start getting more subscribers to your feeds.

1.Redirect your feeds to feedburner.com: Try to optimize your feeds using feedburner dashboard. As you all know that feedburner is the google product and its always been free so best thing you can do is create an feedburner account and burn your feeds using feedburner.
Now feedburner gives you many options to optimise your feeds and also to distribute your feeds make most use of this features and try to distribute your feeds wherever possible.

2. Submitting your feeds to RSS and feed directories: You should try to submt your RSS feeds to most of the rss directories so that your feeds will be easily captured by them and they will try to bring more and more readers to your feeds. One more use of submitting your feeds to RSS directories can be you can always get a free link back to your site thus increasing your site popularity. Many people tried this method of increasing their rss subscribers and got nice result.

3. Post RSS links to forums: If you are daily poster of any forum and you have good friends list than you can surely add your rss link at the signatures of your forum profile so people who are reading your posts will be also happy to come and subscribe to your blog feeds. This makes sense when you are trying to discuss on some product you have to sell and give your friends link to your RSS feeds.

4. Provide Freebies To Readers: Another best thing can be you can easily get more number of feed readers or subscribers by just providing your readers any freebies like free ebooks and in return telling them to subscribe to your feeds. The ebook which you are providing see that its related to the topic of your blog.

5. Join Blogging Communities: Go on joining more and more blog directories and also add your blog to all the directories. Before getting more readers try to add as much as friends in this blog communities. You should follow or subscribe to all the other blogs which are related to your intrest .The best communities can be BLOGCATALOG.COM, MYBLOGLOG.COM and there are many more.

Follow this simple steps and within some days you will see good boost in your subscriber numbers and you will be able to market your affiliate products easily to this readers

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