Monday, November 23, 2009


BMW Launched its convertible BMW Z4 35I roadster in indian markets. The BMW z4 known for its performance and comfort is now in india. It is equipped with all latest features that a most of the new super cars have. The kidney grill of the front is kept same as that of other BMW cars also the car design is made completely aerodynamic to make it as fast as possible.

The new BMW z4 is redesigned to give it more sportier look. The car looks perfect with metallic finished high end colors. Also the alloys are looking great with new headlamps look.
The interior of the car is designed in such a way to give BMW z4 best comfortable drive as possible. The interior is really fantastic and nice finished. The handbrake is made electronic .Also BMW z4 has automatic gear shift wth 8.8 inch LCD screen and 80 gb storage for your music files. 650 watts powerful audio system with 14 speakers to give you feel of the theater in your own car.

BMW Z4 seats comes with high end head rest sets.This seats comes with optional
colors. Seats are completely comfortable to give maximum comfort as possible with seating capacity of two persons.

Now coming to engine of new BMW Z4 35i 2979cc petrol engine with power of 309ps at 5800rpm to give awesome power as possible with 6 cylinders. It comes with automatic 7 speed transmissions. The maximum speed of this car is 250 km/h which will rock on indian roads.

The price of this new BMW Z4 35i Rs 59,00,000 (ex showroom) which is good as compared to other cars of audi and even mercedes convertibles.

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