Monday, December 14, 2009


I have seen many people always asking me about this topic on how to increase traffic to their blogs. But i think its better not to ask others and try it yourself. So there are many steps in increasing blog traffic but i will just give details on few ways to increase your blog traffic.

1. Content: As most of the bloggers already know that they must give maximum stress on the content of the post and also its quality. I don't like people writing big posts of more than 2000 words and finally covering 2 to 3 simple facts.It really makes your visitors bored. No one likes to spend more time in reading they want most of the information without spending more time. So always try to write quality content that will always help your blog visitors. Keep frequency of post between 250-700 words which i find is the best post length.

2.Publishing RSS Feeds: Everyone is now trying to increase their RSS subscribers count and trying to get more and more readers to their feeds and yes its the best thing you can always try to increase your blog readership. Using RSS feeds you are always getting repeated visitors to your blogs and i have seen that most of the successful bloggers are always trying to increase their feeds readership. RSS directories can be the best places to submit your RSS feeds.

3.Submitting Blog To Search Engines : You will say this are the simple things i am writing in my post and everyone knows about this topic.But let me tell you submitting blogs regularly to search engines really increase your blog visitors i have tried this method many a time and got very good success from this methods so always try to submit your blogs to search engines. Search engine does not only mean GOOGLE.COM and YAHOO.COM but you must also try to submit it to others like AOL.COM,ASK.COM,BING.COM etc.etc This other search engines also help you to bring some more boost in your blog traffic. Regularly submit your blogs sitemaps to the webmaster tools eg

4.Social Bookmarking: As per my experience after search engines social bookmarking's are the only best sites which can sometime bring floods of traffic to your blog if you have good writing skills . Most of the people are aware of the digg effect caused of many sites which brings there server down and can really bring lots of traffic within no amount of time. Some of the big webmasters always rely on this bookmarking sites to bring traffic to their blogs and i have tested my 2 sites one by submitting to all social bookmarkings and other without submitting to bookmarks and found that the one which i have submitted to social bookmarking site actually gave 2 times more traffic than the ordinary website. DIGG.COM,STUMBLEUPON.COM,DELICIOUS.COM are the best social bookmarking sites to choose . You must submit best of your blog posts to all this social bookmarking sites which will increase your traffic with some amount of time.

5.Pinging Blogs: Pinging the blogs is the simplest way to increase your blog traffic. Since pinging can notify all your new post to most of the blog directories and the search engines without taking much time. On hosted platforms like this pinging services comes as built in options but for blogger blogs you must manually go and ping your blogs to increase your blog traffic. PINGOMATIC.COM can be the best site to ping your blog and notify the search engines about your blog updates.

6.Social Networking & Twitter Submission: Another nice way to increase your blog visitors can be submit new links of your blogs onto your social networking site's profile page so that most of your joined friends will be notified about your new post and are the best social networks. Try not to spam your profile page with unwanted links only post those links which are important and will help your friends.

Last one but not the least which is looking simple but its really powerful site if you want to increase your blog traffic. The best way to get more followers on twitter can be go on following others which are mostly following people of your interest and in return atleast 50% of them will surely follow you once they will start following then you can submit your links and get more traffic from twitter alone.

Forum postings was also an nice issue to bring the more traffic for blogs but now i have seen that most of the people use forum to sell their affiliate products and yes you can make good money by selling yours also. Article submission can be one more way to increase the traffic but that again depends upon whether you can write quality articles.

So if you are beginner in blogging than you can surely follow the first simple 6 steps and can see boost in your traffic. If you know more ways about increasing visitors than you can simply leave comments below and your comments will surely help other blogging fans.

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