Sunday, December 20, 2009


After long time finally i have switched to new blogger theme which was created by one of site The main reason behind changing the look of my site is first of all i have seen that i was really not getting any comments on my previous theme.
Also the theme was having many more coloums than what i actually needed . The template was very large in size and taking long time which made my visitors to leave my site without reading my posts.

 I have searched many themes while checking and finding out themes for me and finally got the propress theme.  The old template was having only one advantage that was it was having read more post section which was automatic but here in this theme i need to enter it seperately while writing my posts in blogger.

The new propress theme is completely have professional design looks very professional but have very small size and loads quicky in any web browsers.

The great thing about this theme is it comes with all the features like related post with nice custom css also it has sharing buttons below the post and many more features which are present in this template. The template design is sleek with bluish in color and have nice 3 column footer where you can add as many gadgets as you want.

The navigations buttons at the top looks neat and tidy and also the sidebar column is fantastic with nice shape and color.

You can download this template at the blog templates site here is the link:
Download Propress Theme Blogger

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