Monday, December 21, 2009


So all of you have heard about the all new real time application from google. Thats google wave and most of you may be eager to join this application and must have applied also. But right now google wave is under limited beta preview and only allows few people to join this service.

I have already got my google wave account many days back and i have started using it too the application is awesome and really bring some extra boost to the social networking era. It can be configured in any way as you want. Also google wave has many more set of features to make it a perfect real time application where you can communicate with your friends and co-workers in real time. It can be used to transfer high defination videos and musics its really a great platform where you can enjoy your life.

So my idea about writing this post is not to explain you details about google wave but actually to tell you how you can get an google wave account. You can get free google wave invite from me if you are really intrested.

Since i have joined google wave account i got 8 invitations which i can send to others and also my friends . So if you are really intrested in google wave than you can leave a comment below with your id and also subscribe to my blog. I will send you the google wave invites within no time straight into your mailbox.

One more thing you can do to increase your chances of getting invitation is write a comment on my blog telling me about the things  which i must post on my blog.

So leave your comment with your email id and get your google wave invitation.

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