Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Feedburner launched its all new socialize service called as socialize now you can get more readers to your feeds with this service. The new service launched by feedburner gives option to directly and automatically post your feeds into your twitter account.

Inorder to activate socialize service in feedburner follow this steps:
1. Log in into your account

2.Select the feeds where you want to activate the socialize service.

3.Now go to publish tab and click on that . You will get the new button by the name socialize on left side.

4.Click on that socialize button and link your twitter account directly using your twitter username and password. Once done you save your work now all else work will be done by feedburner itself.

Whenever you will post new posts in your blogs your feeds will be directly twitted onto your twitter account and you can increase your rss subscriber base.

Anyways always say thanks to google and feedburner for providing such a wonderful services to us that's also completely free of cost.

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  1. thats really an fantastic idea to promote the blog.
    thans to feedburner


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