Sunday, November 22, 2009


Kawasaki Ninja 250r superbike is finally launched in india. Now the probikers of india can enjoy the speed with this kawasaki's ninja bike. The bike comes with 250 cc engine which deliver's around 33 ps power at 11,000 RPM this is really high then any other indian bike the bike will give competition to all the other bikes which are pricing more than 1 lakhs.
The price of new kawaski ninja 250R is 2,69,000 Rs(delhi showroom)which is quiet high for an 250 cc engine but bike has greater style and also good power even with 250 cc engine.Bike has four-valve per cylinder, liquid cooled parallel twin engine.

The bike looks same as that of other sportsbike but Kawasaki Ninja is well suited for the indian roads and also crowded indian cities where there is not much free space to speed up your bikes .

This bike is well suited for the bikers who are ready to pay more money on speed and also some of the bike lovers who likes to overbore their engines to more than its capacity.

If you are ready to spend 2.5 lacks on bike then you can surely think about this NINJA.

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