Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Once you have decided of creating your blog next step should probably be choosing the good topic for your blog. Some people are starting the blogs just for the sake of blogging but they never give more stress on getting good content to their blogs or getting some traffic which can be said as useless blogging and some of you guys may be doing the same thing.

When you have decided that you want to create a blog then you must also make sure that your blog will get good content and also good traffic and i don't think anyone can create powerful blog using any topic in which he is really not intrested.

So what are the best topics you can choose for your blog i mean to say how can you choose your blogging niche. Anyways it depends upon individuals. if you are good in programming you can start a blog related to programming. If you and your mom are having good knowledge about gardening you can also start a blog on keeping your garden fresh and clean.

If you are good in blogging about anything i am sure success will surely come to you but always keep in mind choose the topic about which you have lots of idea and knowledge if not you will be able to get knowledge and information on that topic from some other sources which will give you detailed idea about that and you can in turn share it with your visitors so they can get benefit from it. Never try to underestimate yourself. Blog on any topic which you really love with full potential.

I have seen many people who are really good in any field like technical fields but instead of setting up their technical blogs i don't know why they like to set blogs on celebrities and all without having any idea about them and after doing this they will just keep their blog like my old mobile phone which i never seen since it was dropped from my table.

Today the hot topic for blogging can be "making money online" most of the bloggers are choosing this topics so that they can make some money by teaching others to make money. But if you will type this phrase in google you will get million of results with same keyword so i will suggest you better not to start a blog on such kind of useless topic which i really hate now. If you want to teach people making money online better you publish an e-book not blog.

So your second step will be choosing good blog topic. Before doing this please go on collecting news on your favorite topics and decide on which topic you are more familiar with and which are most searched topic on search engines.
If you are thinking about indian traffic then see that you mostly stress on providing news on bikes ,cars, money making, technology and cellphone topics as this are the hot topics as far as indian traffic is concerned and somewhat goan tourism which is upcoming topic now .

Best of luck in your blogging carrier go on reading the next post for setting up better blog within no time..

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