Thursday, December 24, 2009


Since world wide web is very large and there are many oppurtunities to make money from this online web. So you may be thinking this is another person to fool you by making you to join in some of online money making scams. But no its not what you are thinking about me. I am not gonna tell you to buy or sell something from me or to me but only want to share with all my blogger friends another money making oppurtunity. There are many sites out in this wide blogosphere and some of them are only related to images and pictures. But most of my blogger friends always tell me that they are getting very less money from image based blogs. Also there
are very few advertisings which can be used to monetize your image based weblogs.

Bigger websites can get direct sponsored ad sales and can easily monetize their traffic but whats about the small bloggers like you and me. So i will share with you small story which made me to earn 300$ in just starting 2 months. As you know i am a professional blogger and got more than 30 blogs of my own blogs which covers variety of topics from autos to celebrities to technology and many more but from all of my blogs what i have learnt is it is very difficult to monetize your image based blogs.

So coming to the point. Many days back i have started new website on katrina kaif's wallpapers and images as you know katrina kaif is the best looking indian celebrity   I was able to get good amount of traffic after few days. At the same time i was having adbrite publisher account which is another best ad network after google adsense. Once i started getting good amount of traffic to this blog i just put some few banner ads on its side bar. But after few days when i saw the report in adbrite i found that i hardly got around 6$ after 23000 pageviews which was really unimpressive .

I thought to stop working on this wallpapers site and i did the same but after some days i looked into my adbrite account i found that there was another tab by the name britepics so when i surfed through this tab  found that britepic has got partnership with adbrite. Using britepic and adbrite combination you can serve ads into your images and can make good amount of money. So without wasting any time i just opened my website and inserted all the code which i obtained from britepic into some of my images. In the starting week i found that there were not much clicks but after some days my image based website started making good amount of money for me and within no amount of time that's just after 2 months i easily accumulated 300$ straight into my adbrite account so i must say thanks to britepic .

If you have any image based website and want to make good amount of money from it than best thing you can do is just get an new adbrite account and go to britepic ads from your adbrite dashboard there you will get option to select your image URL's here you want to serve ads.

After doing this just copy paste this ads code into your website this will not only increase the quality of your image based blogs but also will help you to earn some good amount of money without wasting much time. So if you like this post that's how i made 300$ from free images site alone than you can subscribe to my blog and leave your valuable comments.
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  1. Thats fantastic idea i will make more money from my images.


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