Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Blogging Apps Android

I always like to update my blogs very frequently .But cause of my busy schedule and long travelling not always able to give time for my blogs..

What if its possible to update my blogs frequently via my smartphone Yes its true and so easy too .

Now google provides option for blogspot users to write blog content on the go with blogger for android app.

Blogger for android is official blogger app from google which is free to use and can run on most of android phones.

I had tried many other mobile blogging apps but most of them were customized specially for the wordpress blogs .

New blogger for android application can be used to create new post . It has funtions like create new post, adding images to the post, updating your older posts and even many more apps.

Since its free there is no need to pay any fees just install the app on your android device and start posting.

I have published this post from same application blogger for android..
go to google play and download the application.

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