Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Vodafone Internet 2G Plans Goa & Maharashtra 2012

 India s second largest telephone company vodafone has its simple and affordable internet plans for Goa and Maharashtra circles. Even though the company is planning to expand its reach in 3G network still Most of the users prefer to remain with 2G internet plans as they are very cost effective plans .

 In this post you will get all the details about Vodafone Internet or data plans available in Goa & Maharashtra circles. 

This Are Old Plans For 2013 2G Internet Plans Click Here

 There are 3 plans for vodafone internet in Goa And Maharashtra they are as follows:

1.)   500 M.B Vodafone Internet Plan :
  • Price : 52 Rs.
  • Validity : 15 Days
  • After 500 M.B 10paisa/10 kb Charges

2.)    1 G.B Vodafone Internet Plan :
  • Price : 95 Rs.
  • Validity :30 Days 
  • After 1 G.B  10paisa/10 kb Charges

3.)   2 G.B Vodafone Internet Plan:
  • Price : 145 Rs
  • Validity : 30 Days
  • After 2 G.B   10paisa/10 kb Charges
Depending upon your monthly data usage you can choose the required plan which suites you.

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