Monday, August 20, 2012

Top Free Antivirus Apps For Android Phones

      This post is for those who own the smartphones with best and the most widely used Android O.S.
With the increase in number of android users there is very much possibility of viruses and malware development for this phones .

   After a detailed study on various viruses which are developed and some of the best antivirus softwares present on android market I have shortlisted some top performing antivirus softwares for android . So coming onto the best antivirus softwares.


  Avast free antivirus for android is the best antivirus software with bunch of facilities from antivirus to anti theft  functions even provides call and sms blocking .

Main features:

  • Virus Scanner: 

Avast comes with the virus and malware scanner which scans your internal phone memory as well as the external SD card within couple of minutes. 
Many options are available in virus scanner from single app scanning to whole SD card scanning . You can schedule your automatic scanning for viruses . 

  • Privacy Advisor:
      You can select the available privacy options . it consist of features including which applications are allowed to use your data and web connectivity.

  • Web Shield:
     Web shield protects from the malwares and other viruses which affect your mobile while accessing the internet connection.

  • SMS & Call Filter:
     SMS & Call Filtering can block both the outgoing and the incoming calls from private numbers, selected contacts and single numbers that you've added to a determined group (you can create more than one group and add specific days/hours to block their incoming calls & SMSs).
  • Firewalls:
  Firewall activated, you can disable Internet access in any kind of network (WiFi, 3G and Roaming) to avoid expensive Internet connection fares, block specific apps and keep hackers away.
  • AntiTheft:
  Anti theft feature you can keep your phone safe from theft. You need to activate this service before using it   Simple step by step instructions are provided to activate this service in the antivirus tab.

 So this was about the features of this application . i personally used this application and found it very intresting and useful for my android phone. The application consumes very low memory and also works smoothly on any phone. 

  • Real Time scanning:
It provides tht real time scanning against various viruses and other malwares .

  • Secure Web Surfing:
Secure web surfing provides protection from the online surfing threats it can scan all types of webpages for protection from viruses.
  • Scan Messages:
With this function all messages can be scanned within no time to protect from malwares .
  • Auto Update:
using automatic updates your applications remain upto date against all kind of threats .

This 2 are the best free applications for android that too for free there are some more that you can give a try .

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