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Best Blogging Platforms Of 2012

This post is all about the Best and the reliable blogging platforms for the beginner's . There are many blogging platforms and blogging services out there Some services come in and disappear after few days . Many of the hardworking bloggers loose there money as well as time cause of such services .
Here will write about only those services which are online from long time and also many professional bloggers used .
On my list of best blogging platforms



 Yes still the best and the powerful blogging platform out there. Wordpress is being used by many professional bloggers and also some of the blogging geeks who are into blogging from last decades . Wordpress is absolutely free and open source platform . Thousands of free plugins and themes are available for blogs in wordpress . Despite being its free it provides many plugins which include image tweak plugins to SEO friendly blog plugins .Also many tutorials are available on the web which provides information for customizing the wordpress blogs as well as making it more professional.

One more best thing about this blogging platform is most of website hosting companies provide the wordpress script in their server side which can be executed easily to install the wordpress blog. Also many customization options are there for wordpress where you can customize the blog the way you want.


Blogger comes second on the list of best blogging platforms. As blogger is owned by google they have added many advanced features in blogger . Many new bloggers are attracted towards blogger blogs as they are simple and very easy to use interface .
Blogs on blogger can be created in very easy steps .
1.    Create a google account
2.    Then sign up to blogger using same username and password
3.    Give title and Url to your blog and yes your blog is up.
Now blogger provides many advanced features like Realtime traffic statistics, Automatic spam detections ,Integrated google adsense account also themes can be customized easily .

3 Typepad

Tyepepad is 3rd on my list as typepad is also highly customizable like wordpress . It’s a paid blogging platform so mostly used by professional bloggers and those who are into web business.
Some of features mentioned on their homepage
1)Publish quickly and easily from your computer, mobile or even via email.
2)Sell your products or services, run ads on your blog (or not) and join our effective affiliate program.
3) Stay on top of your blog and audience with smart stats and easy integration with Google Analytics.
4) Tweak a theme with custom CSS. Use Theme Builder to easily build your own design. Or design your own template from the ground up. It’s up to you.
It’s a paid blogger platform and comes with 14 days free trial . There are 3 paid plans on typepad starting from 8.95$ /month so you can check their website and find best plan that suits your needs

4 Movable Type

movable type
Movable type is 4th on my list of blogging platforms . Movable type is very scalable blogging platform used by many users and it was been widely used platform years ago. Movable type comes with various features . It has both free and paid versions .
Free version for individual bloggers and paid version for business . The price of paid version
1.  395 $ for 5 users
2.  995 $ for unlimited users
Some of the features listed on their homepage:
New features in Movable Type 5 include:
·         A single, unified software solution for building website and blogs
·         An enhanced CMS
·         A new theme mechanism

Create Unlimited Websites and Blogs

·         Powerful Dashboard. Generate new websites or blogs from a single screen. View a summary of website and blog activity in one glance.
·         WYSIWYG Editor. Makes it easy to create great-looking pages and posts.
·         Universal Template Set. Create and deploy blogs or standalone websites.

Customize Your Design

·         New Theme Mechanism. Apply a theme with a single click and then rebuild the blog/website to apply changes to published website.
·         Template Based Output. Easily match your blog with your existing brand identity.
·         Manage, archive and search media assets. The Movable Type asset manager makes it easy to upload media assets of all types - images, video, audio and more.


Manage Your Content with A Powerful CMS

·         User Dashboard. Manage websites or blogs you are authorized to manage.
·         Revision History. See revisions for entries, pages, and templates.
·         Custom Fields. Available for Website, Blog, Comment, Template, Asset, Entry, Page, Category, Folder, and User.
·         Asset Manager. Easily manage files and media assets from a single screen.

So this was the list of best blogging platforms . Choose depending upon your requirements .
Keep blogging

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