Friday, January 15, 2010

Tip To Save Your Blogger Image Space

Since blogger is the best free platform and many bloggers from starters to the professional level blogger's are using free blogger platform. Many people are always concerened wth the webspace they have since as more and more you post more bandwidth as well as more blogger space it consumes.

Here is free tip for saving ypu blogger space for images.

Blogger is providing very less space for storing your images thats around 1 GB and i don't think its enough space once you go to professional blogging level. Your blog looks very dull if you don't add images into your blog, Images also helps to interact with your blog visitors and can be a good item for getting traffic through google image search engine.

So in order to save your web space provided by blogger you can use a wonderful free and reputed site so that you can save your images on this sites and add links to your blogger posts.

The name of this site is The site is really wonderful and also have more than lacks of images hosted on its server as per my experience i am using this site for last few months and i have used this site to store my images from last few months but never enquired any problems with my images hosted on this imgur site.

You can simply load as many images on this site you dont even have to create special account for you its just like open source anyone can come and upload any number of free images onto this site at single click of button.

Once the image is uploaded you can simply copy the link which is provides by the imgur site and copy this link into your blog posts and thats all you will see the images appearing on your post very quick and also does not consume the blogger's bandwidth.

You can delete the images if you want on this site and also can add different images anytime. See that you follow some rules and regulations of this site. you cant add copyrighted images also dont add any porn pictures of  childs this are against their rules. Also don't go on adding any unnecessary images.

They does not delete your images unless you have  atleast single image view for 3 months period this means that if your images are not viewed for more than 3 months even once than they will delete your image .

so don't wait go on uploading images on this site and save your blogger space.


  1. I am very much interested in cars new

  2. i used for upload image... this site is good and absolutely free with no space limit.This site also have many ineresting features.

  3. imgur sucks it deletes your images after some time

  4. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.


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