Sunday, January 3, 2010

8 Tips To Increase Stumbleupon Traffic

 All are thinking i must say trying to increase traffic to their blogs and sites. This may not only because they want to earn some money but for many other reasons that can be they want to become famous with online web. Some days back one of  my friend told me that when he was submitting blog post to social networking sites the maximum traffic he was getting from digg and from stumbleupon he was getting very less traffic.

I know many stumblers already found stumbleupon site intresting and this can be your single source of blog traffic too. So after my recent study i have found out simple and easy tips that will really help you to increase your stumbleupon traffic.

1. Always try to show other stumblers that you are well educated person and the site you are submitting is of your own intrest and will surely help other stumblers in getting information and news.

2. Tagging is also another great part of stumbleupon site you may be stumbling many sites but always see that you tag your site. As you now there are lacks of sites on stumbleupon and its very difficult to search for each kind of article . So people always try to read sites from their intrested tags.

3. You can't just sign up and sit without doing or submitting posts to stumbleupon sites this can be just like your dead blogs. First of all be present on stumbleupon and try to see what other stumblers are intrested in and also the hotest topics which are being discussed on stumbleupon site. If you will follow this step i am sure you yourself will be able to get good idea about this stumbleupon site.

4. Don't go on spamming stumbleupon site by submitting post from your blog only this will surely gonna bring down your impression in stumbleupon site and people will think you as spammer and surely not going to read your favourites .So try to avoid this. Instead of that you can share more and more sites on stumble upon and in between try to add your blog post this will help you in getting more traffic to your blog.

5. Don't expect overnight traffic from stumbleupon its not that easy to get traffic from stumbleupon you must have good idea about other stumblers. Also you will not get any pageviews for your favourites unless you remain patient and try to wait till traffic increases.

6. Create good relations with other stumbler this does not mean that you should go on following every stumbler in stumbleupon site and beg them to subscribe to your favorites  in return.  But see that you try to communicate with them through private messages also commenting on sites they submit .

7. This is the simplest tip to get more stumble traffic but i don't recommend this  if you want to get more subscribers go on following other stumblers and some of them will surely follow you .this is the best idea to get more traffic if you don't want to spend more time .

8. Join some of the stumbleupon communities of your intrest and try to share your site with that community members since you know that they are also of the same intrest like yours.

follow this simple tips and see the flood of traffic to your site from this single site alone. Don't forget to leave your comment below.

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