Wednesday, September 23, 2009



The powerful bike company yamaha has launches its all new striking VMAX bike in indian market.Most of the bike lovers were waiting for such huge and powerful bike in india and finally yamaha motors india made their dreams come true. Although this bike was launched in other countries many years back still there is good demand for this bike in other countries. yamaha india made some modifications to this new vmax bike and made it to suit for the indian toads.
After the grand success of yamaha's previously launched superbike yzf-R1, even their newly launched small bikes yamaha R-15 and yamaha fz series they are trying to capture indian market through their power bikes .

Yamaha vmax is gonna rule the indian roads as far as its power is concerned. Also it is said that its performance is near to that of an powerful car engine. wich will rock and roll on indian roads. The price of this bike is much big but as compared to its engine and power i dont think the price matters here. The all new vmax has striking 1679 cc v4 engine which is similar to that of sedan car with 200 bhp power which is far away from small bikes. The torque of this bike is 166.8NM so it goes ahead from all its competitors in case of price,power and everything. The bike looks strong and much muscular to give it looks of really big animal.

That was just about the bike and its engine performance but it's also equipped with latest technology features which makes it suitable for the younger generation riders this bike can be said as dream bike of some good bike fans yamaha v max is really gonna make its identity as the brand bike in india within short time.

The price of this bike is kept 20 lacks in indian market so if you are really want to spend some money from your bank account then better to go for this bike.Really huge price for the middle class families . We are waiting for the launch of similar v-max bike for middle class families which will cost lower and may be name costly will be changed to v mini.
some of the best pictures of this yamaha v max bike.

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