Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Nissan has launched new model of its brand SUV x-trails in india. Nissan is planning to give good competition to other SUV's in indian markets by upgrading their cars. Nissan developed this suv on completely new platform with latest added features which will make it a better SUV on indian markets. Nissan xtrails is good alternative for hondas crv and the newly launched toyota fortuner which got good response from customers within no time.

This new nissan xtrail has good interiors and all added features to go off roads. The car is also equipped with latest features which will make it wonderful suv in its range. This nissan xtrail comes in different variants with slight difference in prices.

It will be equipped with the powerful engine and also good suspension to give driver and passengers best comfort as possible. It will be available in all nissans outlets.

This all new nissan xtrail is priced around 20 laks for the base model with manual transmission and the fully loaded top model is priced higher thats around 25 lack rupees which is not much as compared to other suv's.

Nissan xtrail will bring new experience for the suv buyers and fans

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